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Parent testimonials

So many things that make HBP unique!

Things that make HBP unique:

  •  A full day of social interaction and play with different age kids.
  • Conflict resolution guided by teachers/adults
  • Group games / team building skills
  • Special weekly activities and crafts – stuff my kids love but I never do at home
  • A time of sharing and talking during circle time – learning about other kids, their lives, important subjects that I might not cover
  • A large lending library
  • Field trips!
  • ELECTIVES!! (my favorite thing)  So many classes that I would never be able to teach my kids (some of the ones they’ve taken: pottery, improv acting, Mask making, karate, Greek mythology, Games, Science, Math, Nature Class, Mosaics, sewing, CA History, and those are just a few!)  I LOVE that not only are they learning different subjects, but from someone other than mom
  • Work records. Like we talked about, while they seem cumbersome, it’s actually been so great to have accountability AND a record of everything we’ve covered in the year!
  • Input from other people on my kids, their behavior, their learning, and their growth. I love getting feedback from these caring ladies who lead this place.

Educate your child in the manner you feel is best

There are so many things we love about HBP, so many reasons why we continue to choose HBP over the many other excellent homeschooling options in town.  The main reason we attend is the support we receive to educate our children in the manner we feel is best.  While HBP students are accountable to certain set standards, it is up to the parent to reach these.

Furthermore, the teachers at HBP provide unparalleled support and wisdom and guidance.  I can’t recommend HBP more highly!

Make it custom

We love attending HBP!  The learning takes place right in front of us.  You can make it custom, excelling in what each child loves, while still maintaining the common core standards.

“My son hated school”

My son hated school and every day he had problems with bullies. I thought homeschooling was impossible. Surprisingly, it was easy and brought our family closer together. We are so happy.

The teachers are amazing!

All four of my daughters have attended Home Based Partnership, HBP, over the last 15 years.  The teachers are amazing, and they have created a very positive environment filled with kindness and acceptance of others. I could not be more happy or grateful for all of the wonderful experiences and positive influences that my daughters have had at HBP, and with the genuine care they have received by the teachers, other parents, and the students.

The best decision for your child’s education

HBP has been the best decision we’ve made for our son’s education.  The flexible scheduling is much more conducive to our lifestyle, and the ability to integrate real life experiences with conventional curriculum is priceless.