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Why us?

California offers many ways to legally school at home. Some of these options are public school non-classroom-based programs.

Public non-classroom-based, or “home-based,” programs can

  • allow flexibility in the pace of a child’s study
  • support students in their areas of special interest and ability
  • provide an alternative for students to achieve competency and mastery in basic skills
  • allow children to be educated at home
  • encourage the child’s resourcefulness
  • facilitate the student’s active participation in his or her own education
  • offer real flexibility in the design of an educational program and
  • offer effective educational choices to students and their families.

At Santa Barbara Charter School, we believe in an array of ways for a child to pursue learning and education goals, and we offer a home-based public school option in addition to our classroom-based program. Our HomeBased Partnership is a fully sanctioned Public Independent Study Program that complies with California Independent Study regulations.