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Our History

HomeBased Partnership is a collaborative community of children, their families and staff that empowers and respects a wide spectrum of learning approaches, providing social opportunities, enrichment and resources in a multi-age environment.

In 2009, the families and staff of the HomeBased Partnership unanimously approved this mission statement for the program, as well as the four following vision statements that name specific components and goals of the program.

HomeBased Partnership is a collaboration between children, parents and staff who form a community of support for homeschooling families. We work together to sustain an environment of trust, respect and safety. We share responsibility for decision-making, problem solving and the implementation of the program.

HomeBased Partnership encourages multi-age interactions that enrich relationships and community. Some activities are designed for the specific interests, ages and abilities of our children. Family participation is a vital aspect of our program.
HomeBased Partnership families maintain responsibility for the education of their children. It is the domain of each individual family to decide how best to educate their children, and no specific methodology or curriculum is required, though children are expected to make progress toward grade level. HomeBased Partnership supports many different learning styles and educational paths, while operating within the guidelines of a public school independent study program.

HomeBased Partnership strives to provide social opportunities and play, a variety of enrichment activities and classes, and an abundance of materials available on site and for home use. The group comes together in a variety of ways for informal mentoring and as a resource network.