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Welcome to HBP!

HomeBased education is founded on the recognition that children are learning all the time. It is a natural extension of the school’s child centered philosophy that recognizes parents as partners in the educational process.

The HomeBased Partnership is a program in which homeschool children attend school at least one day per week. Many take advantage of rich offerings provided by specialists. Daily activities are documented by parents and regularly presented to the liaison teacher who provides feedback and guidance. The teacher meets with families, assists with curriculum, and discusses other details of the children’s education.

The HomeBased Partnership offers families…

  • Homeschooling and parenting support
  • Enrichment classes in the arts, humanities, and sciences
  • A lending library containing books, games, tools, and other learning materials
  • A budget to purchase certain Common Core approved curriculum
  • One of the legal avenues for homeschooling in California
  • A wide range of perspectives and interests through other parents, teachers, specialists, and children
  • A homeschooling community in a multi-age setting


Who We Are

The Santa Barbara Charter School’s vision and philosophy encompass the idea that learning happens all the time and in many places. The HomeBased Partnership (HBP) program was formed in 1994 to give homeschoolers the advantages of being part of a school community while maintaining the flexibility of pursuing independent educational goals.

Program Structure

HBP families maintain responsibility for their children’s educations. While HBP offers support, materials, and enrichment classes, it is up to the individual family to decide how to best educate their children. At HBP, we understand that each child is unique and we support each individual’s learning style.  Children are expected to maintain and progress toward grade level.

As homeschoolers, parents are the primary teachers of their children, with HBP providing educational support.  HBP children participate in their own independent activities during the week, as desired and arranged by their parents. Parents must document these daily learning activities, collect work samples, and present both on a weekly basis to supervising teachers.

Children attend HBP one full day a week throughout the school year. The day is led by two teachers and includes a circle time, optional specialist activities, and open time to use the many materials and resources of the program. In addition, enrichment classes are offered on Thursdays. Children must participate in on-site HBP activities a minimum of ten hours per month.